Busy working..

A tired freelance takes a nap in Denmark
A tired freelance takes a nap in Denmark

Lately have been crazy! My wife is in Ecuador and our dog is babysitted by a good friend. This leaves me free to work as much as I want or should I say; have the time to!


I´ve been working all over Scandinavia lately, and had a good time with old and new friends. Mostly I´ve been working as a marketing consultant with the cool guys at NQ Sport, but also done fishing trips to Denmark and boat testing and other article journeys in Norway for the magazines Alt om Fiske and Jakt & Fiske. 


But as we often say; pictures speaks louder than thousand words - and since I do not have the time to write so often as I hoped for this spring - I´ll have to let my pictures do the job for me! 


Best regards to you all! (I´m now in Haugesund, working with panorama view of the city from hotel Clarion Amanda)