Sea trout bite alarm!!

Three happy guys!
Three happy guys!

Sea trout season is up and running!!


Yesterday I was doing a boat test in Larvik, and of course we had to fish!! My three friends; Espen, Kurt and Bård came to visit me and help me test out an american fishing boat. 


But, who cares about the boat - if it works and the fish are biting?? And this day - the fish was absolutely in a good mood. We ended up getting more than 20 sea trouts in the boat, and we lost at least 10 fishes each. The average size on out fishes was maybe 600g and we had some that was close to 1000g. They were all in ok to very good condition - which is not normal at this time of year. 


I hope you are all going out fishing - because it´s not just our rapport that confirms the "bite attack" these days!!