Crazy mission in Vasaloppet, Sweden

Test drive in the snow
Test drive in the snow

I just got the most crazy mission - ever! I got hired to photograph Terje Langli doing all the 90km long Vasaloppet on Elpex Roller skies!!!! Yes! On roller skies. 

It all started as a joke, when someone dared him to go the famous Vasaloppet with a roller ski mounted on top of a normal ski. But Terje, who has won olympic and world cup medals, are not afraid of trying new things. So he said yes, that crazy man. 

And now I´m sitting in a cabin in Sälen, Sweden - preparing for the big day. I´m registered as cameraman, have a Volvo XC 70 Media branded car and of course a local guide and professional ski controller. Yes - I´m also wandering, what am I doing here?

15.000 people are attending, and we are going to drive all the 90km alongside the skiers, trying to find Terje and document this crazy mission. 

I´ll let you all know the results.