The ultimate digital camera question?


Many people ask me about what camera and what lenses to buy. I try to put myself in their position and think of their needs, rather than mine. In some cases, or should I say; most cases, people end up with a Canon or a Nikon Kit, like the Canon EOS 650D with a cheap 18-55mm lens. For most people this is a good start, even if the lens is really not worth «anything». If you are not going to print a lot or make a living of shooting pro photography or video, it´s «ok» to have it in the beginning, but soon you will feel an urge to change it for one or more better lenses.

The linked video today is really something I have looked for myself, to understand a very important matter of modern digital photography. When we used film, the camera couldn´t do much to make an image better or worse; if the photographer knew what settings where the best, it was the lens, the light and the film that mainly had an impact on the image quality.

Today even cheap cameras have xx-megapixels and takes great pictures. The big question has been for many digital entry level photographers; Expensive camera body with cheap lens or cheap camera body with expensive lens?

Check out this movie by Digital Rev TV and tons of others, to learn about cameras and lenses while you are bombarded with unparalleled dry english/Chinese humor!