The day after the storm

Sometimes when there´s a powerful storm outside, I remember some of the days we have fished «the day after the storm» and had a tremendous fishing. So since yesterday was one of the windiest days for a long time, I thought I wanted to go fishing sea trout today.

The season this fall/winter has been a bad one. To hot, to windy and no good reports anywhere that I´ve heard about. (Let me know if you have heard something else) So when I called Øyvind Elefsen earlier today, I had mixed feelings. It could be good and it could even be bad after the storm today.

Øyvind has caught many sea trouts lately, and I hoped that we could do the same today. It started out great! Little wind, light and crispy weather. The fish was also keen, but the bigger once just wouldn´t get up today. I fished with bombard floater and flies, and broke the line on a fish for the first time in a long time. It wasn´t to big, but something just snapped off. Øyvind lost his first nice fish too, and that seemed to be the thing for this day.

We caught many smaller fishes, mainly colored fish, and lost four or five bigger fish. I even had a fish close to two kilo that attacked my bombarda several times. My shrimp fly was not even interesting! The day would have been saved if this one had been landed, for sure!

This was Øyvind´s day, and he caught most of the fish. They were all released and I got some illustrations photos for my upcoming projects!