Thoughts on a new book about Seatout Fishing

Finally a new book has found it´s way to my physical library in my living room. Oh yeah, internet and e-books and blogs are great, but they will never bear the feeling of raw material and good photos and stories in a real book.

The book has been called «Havørred, Refleksioner på kysten» (Seatrout, Reflections on the coast) It´s built up with new stuff and many old and newer articles published in the «Fisk & Fri Magazines» from Denmark. Fisk & Fri is a high quality magazines, with more stuff about seatrout fishing than most other publications. The main writer; Jens Bursell (63%) is the Chief Editor of this magazine. The second most important writer is Rasmus Ovesen (30%) runs Cast Away Media, and is a famous Scandinavian sea trout fisherman

If you have read lots of Danish magazines, you will know many of the articles and photos from earlier articles. First I thought this was a bit boring, but after just a few minutes, I understood that this is more than «OK» with me! Know I have many of the best articles, photos and techniques put nicely together in a heavy book for sea trout geeks like me. Also they have putted in more photos, longer explanations and other articles with the same theme, just to smear it into my eyes and brain.

I know that for many Norwegian fishermen, this book is way to technical and to heavy to read. Just the photos are enough for many, and I do not think that many, not even me, will read the whole book. Many parts just isn´t interesting enough for everybody. Still, consider it to be a book, that you can use from time to time, just to get inspired, find a new way of presenting your lures or learn more about the biology of the fish we all loves so much.

I must again tell you all how great it´s feels to be a Norwagian Seatrout fisherman, in Denmark. The local guys are specially welcoming and the nature around the fishing spots are like taken from this or other books. You feel home. This is were everything started, and they are still leading the way. This book gives you plenty of information to rig you equipment right, to plan a trip and learns you how to fish, if you consider to go to Denmark.

I bought this book in the great super fishing store; Go Fishing at Odense in Fyn, and you can buy it from their web site or many other good fishing sites.