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Screen Print

Have you bought a Canon digital camera, and lost your Canon Program CD´s or just haven´t a hole in your laptop to put it? Well, check out the video here, and your are up and running after five minutes!

Today I´m taking some photos in my "worm studio". By worm studio, I mean taking photos of worms on hooks, in a aquarium in my house. «Crazy?» «Me?» 

Anyway I had promised my self, that this time I should use my Macbook Air 13 as a monitor and as a remote control to my Canon 5D MKII camera. I´ll do this to be sure that the photos are sharp, before I take them. I just had a minor problem. My MacBook Air doesn´t have a CD port! I had to see if a could find a legal way of doing this, and this is what I found; This video shows you a nice and easy way of doing it, I in my opinion, if you have a Canon camera and the CD, this is as legal as it can be.