November seatrouts have started

Eric in the waves
Eric in the waves

Finally. After to many empty trips, the cold seems to have started the season, here in the south of Norway. It has been a strangely late season and we blame it all on the hot water temperature.

The last two trips, we have caught several seatrouts, and it looks like it has become more activity each time we go out. None of the seatrouts have been big, and they have actually, in my case, been slim, but still not colored. I hope that the days that will come, and the rest of the winter, will be a good season with several big trouts.


I haven´t bothered to take pictures of these fishes, and they all was released back in the sea. I will keep you all updated on how the season is going. If you have some information, please let me know, and I will put it out on my site.