The Best DSLR Online course I´ve seen!!

Screenprint Lynda.com
Screenprint Lynda.com

Once again, www.lynda.com have impressed me and teached me many lessons. This time they have served me the most complete online DSLR video making course I´ve seen. If you are into video, read this!

Just got yourself a new digital camera? Or maybe a GoPro? Well, then you have much more than just a photo taking camera. You also have a high end HD video making device,  who you can make cinema quality movies with!

Maybe you are already learning, trying and have done quite a lot of movies. It doesn´t really matter on which level you are, if you want to learn «all» there is to know about DSLR shooting, GoPro shooting and all the programs and equipment you might need to get what you need, I can really recommend you to consider Lynda.com.

If you are watching my blog, you might believe that I´m sponsored by Lynda.com, but then you´re wrong. I must pay $ 25 a month like everyone else, but I need to learn more, and these guys just have it all.

For the moment I am watching the 17 hour plus course «DSLR Video Tips» with Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman. I have used internet, I have paid courses and spent hours to learn advanced techniques, find the right equipment for my use and the programs that I need. In this course, they have put almost everything there is to connect to a computer or a camera, and explained how to use it. Of course you might not need all of it, but it´s extremely easy to take out the parts of the course that is important for you, and I´ll promise you, if you are not already a pro, you will learn a lot if you try this course.

If it means something for you, you will also get a digital diploma to put on your CV or your LinkedIn account. If you don´t want to make a movie, I would be surprise of there isn´t a course or a seminar at Lynda.com, that can´t inspire you, or teach you something you didn´t know.