We have an "old lure competition" winner! Yvonne Østebø

The prize for this competition
The prize for this competition

"And the winner is; Yvonne Østebø!!

Yvonne was the only one that answered correctly on the name of this lure. She knew that the name of the lure was; "Fiskeprinsen" from Os, a beautiful place some miles south of Bergen.

Personally I got this lure from Tove S. Tvedt, who´s family has made this lure for many years. Once upon a time, this was a very popular lure. It´s real name is Fiskeprinsen, no. 405, and it´s 8,5cm long.

Thanks to all who took part of the competition!

To Yvonne; Send me your direction, and I will send the prize home to you! Congratulations!


Thank´s to the guys at Normark Norway for great prizes!