Don´t wade, while talking in your phone

In Norway it´s forbidden by law to drive a car while talking in a handheld phone. Yesterday I experienced that we maybe should have a law against talking while wading also! At least a big warning sign, at famous hot spots, would be nice.


I was out fishing sea trout with my friends; Espen Rose and Eric Bringsverd, when another friend; Martin Ellingsen, called me to talk about a fishing trip, we are planning to Denmark, in a few weeks. I considered not answering, but trying to get in contact with him all day long, made me pushing my limits.

I took the phone with my left hand. In my right hand I carried my light eleven feet; Edge Dynamic rod, and on my back, I carried my ten kilo camera back pack. As always!

The accident was not planned, and honestly it´s quite embarrassing. If my mistake can save another accident, so be it.

Walking away from the water, a small steep hill with wet grass had to be climbed. I did not have any balance with my rod and phone, occupying my arms, and while talking and dreaming about Denmark with Martin, I slipped. I had to secure the situation with my left hand to the ground, and of course put my right hand in the air, to save my beloved Edge Bombardamaster. With my hand safely in the ground I automatically feel as usual, against my arm. But with my freekingly big Samsung Note phone in my hand, my head banged against it, almost knocking me out.
I laughed and told Martin about it, and we laughed as well. Then the pain, and the blood made me understand that this wasn´t just a light knock at my head.

Today when I woke up my wife, Gloria, just laughed at me and told me I looked like Balboa. So what is there to learn from this? Use handsfree while fishing, or do not answer the phone in dangerous situations.