No pikes today - Longum Fall 2013

A grey day in "Empty Lake"
A grey day in "Empty Lake"

Not all stories can have a happy ending. Spesially not if you´re a fisherman! This is one of these stories.


Longum Lake in Arendal is famous for it´s pike fishing. It delivers from time to time 10 kg  + pikes and has so much food (perch and whitefish) in it, that it can hold many big ones without any problems.  The thing that is sad, is that lately it doesn´t deliver like it used to do. I have fished this lake for years, and know many experienced fishers than trolls and drifts this lake so tight, that you wouldn´t find a single spot that they haven´t been!

Even these guy has to admit that it´s not lake the «good days» anymore. Then again, guys like Eirik Hersel, who really use this lake hard, fools some big ones from time to time, and this is why we went out, Kurt, Eric and me.

We had, stupid as we are, a crazy idea the night before. We fished, wading style, for flatfish to 03.00 in the morning, before this trip. I guess that none of us looked very sharp and ready this day, but we didn´t chicken out. We filled up Eric´s boat with equipment and started our quest for big fall pikes.

The sonar didn´t show us much, the surface didn´d show us much and there wasn´t very much action at all. We casted and casted. Try new cool stuff, and changed for even more cool stuff. This became a equipment test drive, and why not? The pikes didn´t want to play, so we had to make some action our selves.

Luckily we have a lot to play with. Forty centimeter long eels and other heavy soft baits from Savagear was used hard. No results. Floating frogs and Tomic wobblers was used on shallow areas, but no results. Even the Alabama Rig had to sign out «negative» this day, and really, it doesn´t really matter. We love equipment, and we know that big pikes doesn´t bite everyday, and specially not in October or November. Well, these photos doesn´t show any pikes, so I just played along with them. Let me know if you like it or not!