The BIG seatrout season is coming...

One of my greatest seatrout catches winter time
One of my greatest seatrout catches winter time

The temperature and the amount of light each day are decreasing rapidly these days. For many that´s a sad thing, but for me, it means that the big sea trouts are feeling it to. It´s soon November.

It is not by accident that many have caught their biggest sea trouts in November or December. It´s the time where all sea trouts has to face their biggest fear; the cold freezing water.

For us fishers, the cold is not a problem, just a challenge. It means more clothes, extra socks, something warm and windproof on the head and neck.

All this uncomfortable issues is quickly forgotten when a fish is following your lure or fly all the way into the tip of your rod. Will it take? Must I change my bait? The sea trouts that are active this time of year are not the ones that will go up the river to spawn. This fishes are over runners and have just one thing in mind; Eat and find warm water. 

If you take the time out at sea from now and until the end of December, you will have the chance to catch some fat, well conditioned and strong trouts, very close to shore. Use strong or natural colors 50/50, and you will soon find out if they are eating (natural colors) or if they are cold and grumpy (strong colors).

Skitt fiske!! (Norwegian for: Break a leg)