Lobster fishing with my Dad

Dad pulling up a trap
Dad pulling up a trap

Yesterday I went out with my Dad to fish for lobsters. We started our day at my parents lovely house in Tvedestrand, South Norway. The house is just a stone cast from the sea, and this day was very quiet and there was no wind at all.

Lobster fishing in Norway is allowed from October to December and with 10 traps per boat. My Dads boat is perfect for this kind of fishing, and has a Mariner 90HP engine and a warm cabin. 

Because of heavy weather, my Dad fishes inside the outer islands and that makes everything more calm and easy, but each trap has to be set with high accuracy and on or close to rocks. With sonars and long experience as a professional fisherman, my dad puts his traps on good spots.

This day, was not a god day for lobsters (or at least, this is what we believe) It has been very hard weather for many days, and normally that makes the lobster «stay at home» and they do not walk around so much. But even in bad conditions, we pulled one nice lobster out of a trap, together with 7 or 8 crabs that we ate at my house today!

I took also some photos and has updated my Lobster and Crab Archive on my site.  Please have a look!