Secret fishing tackle magazines

If you are not working in a sport fishing product company, a fishing magazine or in a fishing tackle store, you are almost guaranteed not to know about some of the most important magazines for the business and the products of sport fishing.
Not only will you be able to find a lot of "secrets", next year new product lines or even the year after that. You will find out much more than you find in catalogs or home pages about Norwegian companies or international companies in interviews and statistics.

Yes, I know that this is for the «geeks» or the «more interested ones», but even for the average fishermen, theres a lot to learn and a lot of ideas to find.

«Hey!!!» «Get to the point man!»

Oh, yeah! The name of the secrets magazines is:   ....

Tackle Trade World and Angling International

These two are the most known trade magazines and are given for free to people in the business. For the rest it´s possible to receive most of the information on their open websites (links over). Here you will easily find more news and stuff about fishing equipment, that your brain can cover.
Check out the winners in the international shows like I-Cast and Efftex, and prepare yourself for your next trip to the local store!

Screen Print Tackle Trade web site
Screen Print Tackle Trade web site
Screen print Angling Int. web site
Screen print Angling Int. web site

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