Last but not least - Rena 2013

Kim with a nice grayling
Kim with a nice grayling

Finally. Rena river. One of the norwegian dream rivers of mine. After quitting Jakt & Friluft AS, Martin Ellingsen, Kim Solberg and I decided that we should have one last gathering as a team. We have fished the National Trout Competition together and have been running three fishing stores for a while together. Now, we decided to end it with what we likes the most - with fishing!

Kim lives in Gjøvik and has most big trouts around him, so we let him decide the place. When he asked us to fish for grayling, instead of trouts, Martin and I was a little bit surprised. Grayling vs Trout?? But polite as be are, we decided to listen to his advice and try out the late fall grayling fishing in Rena river.

We stayed at Rena Fiskecamp close to the river and perfect situated for fishing the river. I must admit that I had not heard much about it, but this was a really good and professional camp. The apartments were like new and the owner is a extremely good fisherman who knows the river well. Its situated almost in the middle of the most hot spots and with Kim as our guide, we started with a quick run on Tuesday evening.

At this time of the year, it´s normally best to fish mid day and in nice weather. Kim got a really nice grayling, but that was all before nighttime.

Next day, we had our equipment fine tuned with bite indicator, double nymphs and correct leader lengths. Everything was perfect, even the weather and the wind. Kim started as usual with the first fish, but Martin was quick to respond. My fishing was not appealing to any grayling, and I ended up looking for some good excuses.

As the day passed by, we caught small and big fishes, and even trouts entered in for a quick release. Because of quick moving fishing and me not getting anything, I didn´t run for every fishy situation and didn´t catch all the fishes on film (or pixel ;)

Martin lost one of his biggest dry fly fishes this year, and got many fishes on caddis dry flies. Kim god many fishes on his pink nymphs and was an nymphing expert compared to me with my brown and black nymphs.. Ahh!! I finally found my excuse; Since there was no pink nymphs available, I was doomed, and my friends ate it with feather and all! Easier than graylings.

Kim last a big one and caught several nice fishes on his pink flies. I had contacts, but no runs. Martin pounded out his dry flies and god a fair share as well. Kind of stressed and embarrassed, I used a caddis cdc fly as indicator with a small caddis pupa hanging 40cm behind. This worked and I got my first grayling.

Day three blew away from the north. There was just a few willing fishes, and very little insects to be seen. We to an early day of, cleaned out the apartment and left Rena for the last time this season.