Drop shotting in Arendal

Andreas Hurvenes poses
Andreas Hurvenes poses

Finally I was fishing again! Me and Andreas had the «worst day» day of fishing when I managed to forget my own camera! I was supposed to take photos to the next «Fisketips» in Jakt & Fiske magazine, but without the camera it became only fishing. But even if we started out bad, we didn´t really feel that we had it going this day, and with just a few fishes caught, we decided that we have to try again.

This day I started with the camera. I shot the photos I needed for the magazine and then we went out to the sea. It felt much better this day. The weather was great, and everything felt like it should. We started to troll for pollacks, seatrouts or mackerels, but, we didn´t get one! It was completely dead. «Hmm... Maybe dropshotting will save us again, as so many times before»

We went into calm waters and into Hovekilen close to Tromøya and released our softbaits and small sinkers. «Smack and doublesmack» The pollock attacked the baits as soon they hit the bottom. «Wow!! This is amazing!» I screamed to Andreas when we drilled fish after fish in his perfect Tracker boat. He just smiled and couldn´t agree more.

We cought mostly pollack, but some small cods and one rather nice 4,3kg cod (I think..) was caught by Andreas on some fancy Berkley Powerbait softbaits that he wanted to try out. Even a «Knurr» (Eutrigla Gurnardus) was attacking this new and a bit to fat softbait.

«He, he.. I told you I had a good feeling for this!» Andreas was happy and I didn´t have to beg for a smile when I shot some photos. All together we caught a bucket of fish, in some few and hectic hours. It was a good day and the new sonar that we installed in the boat; The Humminbird 596 did a good job finding the fish for us. Never go out drop shotting with a bad sonar!!