Time to move on

Press the logo for their site
Press the logo for their site

After about 5 years in the local store, Jakt & Friluft AS in Arendal, I´m leaving for new adventures!
I have worked for almost 9 years in this store in my life, and it has been the absolute most important place to form my career and experience. From the age of 19 and until today, I have had the honor and joy of meeting thousands of interesting people and worked with many very experienced salesmen.

To all of my clients – thanks for the journey and hope I´ll meet many of you guys in the future. And to all of you salesmen – thanks for the time, business and conversations together.

To all the Venemyrs (The bosses) and all the others at Jakt & Friluft AS – working with you has been an extravagant experience and I will never forget it!

For the moment I still do some writing, photographing and looking for a new job. I hope I will meet you all in the near future.