Late fall trouts in Fyresdal

Kai Kristiansen with trout
Kai Kristiansen with trout

This year I have sold my boat and my lobster traps. I´m gonna fish for trout instead! First, I will fish for brown trouts, and then when the temperature is correct, I will switch to seatrout fishing. The first really late fall fishing trips this year was together with working companion at Jakt & Friluft AS, Kai Kristiansen.


Last year we had a nice trip to a small and beautiful lake. This year he promised me to show me another nice lake with some beautiful trouts and landscapes.


And as usual, Kai is to be trusted, and the place was a complete beauty. Since I was suppose to fish with floating worms with two rods, and Kai with lures, he was ready a long time before me. The day started with two quick fishes, and some nice runs on the worms, that didn´t hook up right. I tried out a rig with double hook set. One floating worm and one sinking. As usual it was the floating worm that gave most contacts.


After four hours of fishing we had cought four nice trouts, and could return to the cabin to my wife and mother in law, and serve one nice fresh trout for each one of us. The fishes tasted good and espesially my mother in law from Ecuador, loved the fish and the mountains at this time of year. This is the first of many (I hope) fall trips this year.


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