Trout fishing with Sølvkroken

Trout and new lure
Trout and new lure

This week me and my companion; Harald Nyland went to the west of Norway to meet and fish with salesman at Sølvkroken, Eirik Reinsnos. The goal for this trip was to try out some of the news for 2014 under real fishing conditions.


We lived in a beautiful house and fished in the sea and on a lake. Some of the things we tried out was some new lures for seatrout and salmon fishing that we really look forward to try out next year. Also some of the new Daiwa reels we tested, are going to be hard to forget! They really have made some perfect reels that fits perfect for the Norwegian marked. One of my dreams to own someday, the Daiwa Certate 2500 was my absolute favorite this trip, and just as good as I hoped it was.

Certate © Sølvkroken
Certate © Sølvkroken

We fished for three days and I am glad my Pool 12 Zip waders and Simms G3 jacket worked, because this was some really wet days! We had some hours with sun, and then everything changed to wet and cloudy weather. Not optimal to test equipment and hopefully take some nice photos.


But we had some good moments and we caught a lots of trouts on our trip. Our local hero, Eirik gladly told us all their is to know about the fishing around Etne and Vats, and we had three awesome days with a lots of cool equipment to test.


Last but not least; Orvis Helios 2... What is it to say about these awesome rods??? They are just very close to be "perfect" and when the rain pored down, casting with one of these babies, made our thought´s fly away, and almost brought back the sun again.

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  • #1

    Eirik Reinsnos (Sunday, 22 September 2013 12:08)

    flott skrevet, håper dere tar turen til våren

  • #2

    Nahin (Sunday, 29 September 2013 07:39)

    Too much amazing to fishing with Sølvkroken!! I really love this striking fishing and no say if it is Trout fish.

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