The Lapland Sweden Expedition 2013

A big trout is hooked!
A big trout is hooked!

This story is already sold to a magazine, so I must be careful to not show to much in my blog. But I will tell in general where we have been and what we did, and I will shurely announce it when the article is printed and ready. This was one of my best Scandinavian fishingtrips ever!



It startet when Martin Ellingsen and I arranged a two weeks vacation together in the end of July. We work together and have for a long time planned to do something like this.

"Mr. Sveen, I presume?"

Martin had been in contact with Jan Robert Sveen, who arranges fishing and hunting trips in Scandinavia. After some time it was all arranged and we finally had dates and a really exciting area where to fish.


I met Jan Robert once before our trip, and when he showed me the areas where we should fish, I was overwhelmed and almost jumping with joy. The famous norwegian explorer and crazy wild man; Lars Monsen has done trips like this for years, and now it was finally our turn!

Sarek National Park

Sarek is one of the most pure and famous areas in Scandinavia and our trip was going to be around this area. We should be lifted with helicoper and try out different lakes and rivers.


The area we came to was just as nice I first believed and we had some extremely nice nature around us. Flying over the places with helicopter did not kill the fishing lust in us, and it was hard to start raising the Helsport Lavvu, and not with fishing.

Hard work, good payment
If you work hard, you deserve a good payment. Without telling to much, I really got paid for my work. I had a goal before the trip started, and I made it! My goal was one trout over 3kg or a lot over 2kg. More I can´t let you know for the moment.

If you want to do something like us, this trip is available for sale with Jan Robert as guide for the 2014 season. Let me know and I will help you arrange it with him.