Hot summer - little blog activity

Lapland Sweden
Lapland Sweden

This summer has been very nice and calm. A lot of work in the store Jakt & Friluft AS, and some work with fishing. But mostly I have used parts of the summer to prepare some big events. Number one is that I have sold my precious boat. I ripped out all fishing equipment and sold it as a normal boat. Now I am looking for a new one.


Second is that I bought myself a new car. This was for the third big happening, The Lapland and Lofoten journey at the end of July. I do now own a Subary Legacy (2005) with four wheel drive and I´m very pleased. My old car, the big Pajero V6 3.5L gasoline will soon be sold.. It has been a good car for fishing, but very expencive and a little bit old. (1995)


Then of course it was the big trip of 2013, Lapland Sweden and Svolvær Lofoten journey. This was a 2 week journey and will be blogged about very soon. I hope I know will return to blogging and posting on my facebooksite regulary.

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    Nahin (Friday, 27 September 2013 11:02)

    Hey it's great and amazing..i really love this creative activities and artistic presentation.

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    Tommy Egra (Sunday, 29 September 2013 23:06)

    Thank you! I hope that in the future, it will be even more complete than now. My goal is to build a big archive on photo and video.