National Trolling competition update

Martin E. with our biggest fish
Martin E. with our biggest fish

On saturday 29 June the National Trolling competition was held. It´s one of the largest fishing competitions in Norway and this year was a little special. First of all, it was the 10th anniversary for the competition and with a new main sponsor (Jakt & Friluft AS) things changed a little bit.



But the largest change this time was the new dates. Becouse of extreme high water in the lake Mjøsa, it was not possible to arrange the competition. The Norwegian Trolling Assosiation (NTF) bouldly changed the dates and startet all the extra work this brings along.


Even if the dates where changed, 129 boats signed in for the competition. This is about 60-70boats less than normal, but still it was a very nice and professional arrangement. Several stands sold or demonstraded equipment, and the people looked like they enjoyed staying there.


When sunday came, it was time for weighting and registrating the biggest and heaviest fishes from the competition. 34 of the boats got legal trouts at 55cm or more. The rest shared the last place.


Me and my boat did not get legal fishes, and had to throw out our fishes even if they where nice compared to what many catches on normal fishing.


The best team had to get the overall heaviest catch. This was done by Team Squirus and the man that won from this team was Vidar Husom. This man has done some amazing fishing here earlier years aswell and has as the only man won two times out of ten possible! Also he has caught the most heavy catch ever. So I guess it´s no surprice that he once again is collecting his first price. This years first price was a Humminbird 1158 sonar and two Shark Cannonball trolling weights delivered by Jakt & Friluft AS.


Also it´s a hefty price to win the biggest single fish. This was won by Team Jakt & Friluft Gjøvik 2. They caught the biggest trout that weighted 6470grams.


I just want to congratulate the winners and I hope that even more people will discover the joy of trolling fishing.