Cod on light trolling

Tore Grundeland and cod
Tore Grundeland and cod

When trolling for seatrout, the chances for you to get nice cods or pollocks is good. I have today uploaded some new photos to my photo archives. This photo is of my good friend, Tore Grundeland and his nice cod caught when trolling for seatrout in Mandal some years ago.

If I don´t remember wrong, this was the best memory of this day, so I´m happy that we have these fishes around when the seatrouts don´t want to bite.


Today, when more and more people are fishing with dipsy divers, snap on divers or downriggers for seatrout and salmon, cod, pollack and coalfish are more and more common to lift in the boat than before.


If you like to eat these fishes, you should always have some good lures for these extra fishes with your. Strong colors, deep divers or some of the divers, will normally give you a good catch even on a bad seatrout day.


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