My seven springflies for seatrout -

Today I can proudly show you a link to what I believe is one of the best fishing sites in Norway;

Today they posten an article that I wrote about my 7 favorite seatrout flies for the spring seatrout fishing. All the flies are in sales, and are useful right now!

Of couse they don´t have to be the exact same, and there is no rules. If you ask me the same questions about my flies in two years, I guess I would have chosen different patterns, but it would have been quite close. 50% Shrimps, 20 stupid fish, 20 % pelagic fish and 10% worms and other strange things. I guess this will be the DNA code in my flyboxes for a long time. Brands and colores changes a little, but no to much.

Got it? He, he.. Well, I don´t get it either..