Trolling friends at Trolling Masters 2013

© Aslak Brækken
© Aslak Brækken

My friends from Team Blega sent me some nice salmon photos from their last trip to Bornholm and the annual "Trolling Master" competition there. They didn´t do it as well as last year (7th), but still they made to get among the 40 best boats out of about 250boats!


This year my other friends at Team Havtroll, Fredrik and Nils Andre became the best norwegian boat, and ended up at 7th place! Congratulations to you guys!!


What I like so much with these guys, (Team Blega and Havtroll) is that they love Humminbird, Cannon and Shark Cannonballs just like me. This means that I can enter their boats, and feel "like home". This year it´s also really fun that they have used the Sharks prototype Spoons, that I have given them thru Jakt & Friluft and Shark Cannonball. They fishes really good and the guys loves them. It´s fun to sea that both teams have ended up beeing some of the best in Norway, and that I have been working and learning along side with them.


Thanks for nice trips and congratulations to you all!