Yngve with nice seatrout on Sømmet

Yngve with his nice fish
Yngve with his nice fish

Yngve Wehus Aasgaard came into Jakt & Friluft a couple of days ago with a bad reel. It wasn´t easy to find something wrong with the reel, but I gave him the new Daiwa Aird 2000 reel, just to make shure he wouldn´t face and more problems. Happy he returned to Grimstad for more fishing, and just some hours later he stood in the shop again.


This time he had a nice seatrout with him and a big smile on his face. The new reel, the Kinetic Sømmet 16g White and Pink had done their job and given him a 1,6kg and 56.5cm fish just minutes after I talked to him.


Yngve tells me that he know uses the Mossy green Berkley Nanofil 0.16mm (me too..=) and this strange lure Sømmet 16g almost exclusively.


Thanks for dropping in Yngve, and "Skitt fiske!" with your new reel!