Finally, the seatrout season has started!

After some rather empty trips, we finally found warmer water and better conditions than earlier this season. Me, Martin Ellingsen and Øyvind Elefsen, went to Vest Agder´s beautiful areas for seatrout, to find warmer water. 


We started our trip in Mandal at Bankebrua. This is normally "the sure thing" but not this morning. After this we travelled to Vigeland, not equally stabile, but offers some great average sizes. Here we met to flyfishermen, and they had been fishing for three hours, without any contact.


Our last chance was in a small "forgotten laguna" close to Lyngdal. Maybe the waters had been warmer here all the time, or maybe because it had been nice weater all the day.

Cold waters in Mandal
Cold waters in Mandal

But, just after a few cast, this place showed us fish, and a lots of them. This small laguna is almous perfectly round, with a 50m long and really shallow channel at about two meters deep, that runs directly out in a big fjord. All actions was in this short channel, and even if the fishes were in general small, it was the place to be!


In total we caught 10 seatrouts this day, and lost at least 20 fishes. In two short hectic hours we caught them on fly, lures, wobblers and Gulp baits. I will later upload a small video from the trip. You will find it on the movies site and on the blog.


It has also been many other reports on seatrouts these last days, and the water temperature is rising. This means for shure that, the season is now for real started in the south of Norway!