5 amazing fishing magazines for free

Screen dump fishberserk.com
Screen dump fishberserk.com



Oh yeah! This is cool! 5 completely free fishingmagazines for all kinds of crazy fishermen out there. If you have not yet seen any of these magazines you must!!


This idea is not new, and it´s a new way of selling magazines in a modern world. My first online magazine experience was with the http://www.catchmagazine.net   This is a flyfishing only magazine, and has famous people like Brian O`Keefe and Todd Moen included. They have more and more interactive movies in the magazine now, and some of the worlds greatest fishing photos on it´s pages.


Just a few weeks ago, Harald Nyland showed me a new and extremely heavy solution available for the "rest" of the worlds fishermen. With four different online digital magazines, www.fishbersherk.com gives you a massive amount of free pages where you can read or stream movies whenever you want. They have devided the magazines into four categories clearly explained in the magazines names: Predatorized, Fin Chasers, Rock & Reefs and Carp Core. Since non of these are pure flyfishing magazines - we have five amazing magazines to dive into and downloads are available!


Have fun!

This is just an example of what you will find inside these magazines! If you don´t want to go flyfishing for tarpon after watching this movie, you never will! This is some of the best filming I´ve seen! Enjoy!