Stripping baskets for flyfishing

© Tommy Egra
© Tommy Egra

I have always loved it, and I will always love it! My Orvis strippingbasket has been in Denmark and Sweden equally many times as me. Why? Becouse I never leave home without it.


Today I have more than one "love". I have a nice basket from Lawson that is clear and works great. I have also a stripping board from C&F that´s superlight and does a good job, when weight and travel is most important.


Anyway, if you want to learn more, check out Alt om Fiske 3/2013. I have an article about baskets there that I believe you should read if you don´t have one!


In just a few words, I will describe the use:


- The lines goes into the basket, not on the floor.

- The lines does not tangle, but sticks around the spikes in the bottom of the bucket.

- It´s a little clumsy in the beginning, but soon you don´t understand how you could live without it, if you use sinking lines.

- Works on all kinds of fishing!

- Good ones: Orvis Strippingbasket (Original), Lawson snørekurv.

- Easy to make on of your own.