Fishing Buddy bracket for Dummies

Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140
Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140

In todays blog I want to show you a super easy way to mount you Fishing Buddy on the ice. The normal bracket that comes with all the three models (110, 120 and 140) works ok on the ice, but are a little wobbling and not always straight. If theres no snow or other things around the hole, it´s difficult to make it stand correctly.


This is why I decided to make an easy bracket for my 140X model. I just made a hole in the middle of a piece of wood and thats it. I made it with at a electical saw and have the cut from the side and into the hole. This makes it possible to have the fishing line slipped into this slide and actually fish and use the sonar in the same hole. I do prefer to have to holes and used them seperatly, but when time is important I use one hole.


It´s super easy and its so quick to change holes. Just lift it up, and put it down. Make it easy to turn the sonar 360 degrees to search for fish with the side beam.

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