Lures with a hole!

© Anders Aggerlund
© Anders Aggerlund

For many years I have seen and halfhearted sometimes also tried these danish lures type "Gjennomløpssluk" or freely translated; "Running through lures".


The lures has always facinated me, because they are a much better choice for big fishes, because the hook is free, just like a tube salmon fly. This lures are like tube flies and has the line running through the lure and a plastic or rubber stopper bead. In the end a treble or single hook is attached and this is the only thing that holds the lure from sliding of the line.


In desember we decided to travel to Denmark at Sjælland to fish for big winter seatrout. We came in contact with one of Denmarks finest seatrout fishermen, and he "only" choice for big seatrouts was Sømmet or other local made run true lures. He has problary caught more seatrouts and bigger seatrouts than you and me (whoeveryouare=) together.. So I learned a lot from him this trip, and even if we didn´t catch anything because of terrible cold and bad wheather, photos sometimes tells enough! I have decided to use this hollow lures and Sømmet, from the Danish superlures produces Kinetic Magic Minnow has all that I need. I will come back to you guys with more info on this lures! The water temperature just needs rise a little bit.

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