New feature on my site - Competitions

The Donald Duck fish
The Donald Duck fish

Today it´s the first day with a new feature that I hope people will like; Competitions! It´s big and small, high and low and allways just medium serious. If you like to win T-Shirts, fishing lures, Promo jackets and rods and reels, this is something for you. It´s not that many that will be included and I believe everybody has a fair chance to win something on my site. First competition out is quite unique and important:




The "Donald Duck" fish in Bodø needs a new name, a correct name and a family. In this competition you can win a 270m Berkley Fireline and 125m Berkley Nanofil line, worth about 800NOK!!!

If you have seen this fish before, or you just happend to know what it is; let me know! The Flødevigen Havforskningsintitutt could not help me, and had never seen it before. No joke, you can be famous!! (If the fish is like prehistoric or something..)


Short info:

The fish is found in the stomack of seatrouts (Big one´s of course) in Bodø. It´s normally from 2,5 to 4cm long and is partically transparent and blueish and silver with a hanging stomack and big eyes. It´s comes in thousands in april/may in Skjerstadfjorden in Bodø and has been a fenomen for some years now. This is why it has got the name "The Donald Duck fish"


Join the competition today!!