Free internet Adobe photo editing "education"

If you are Norwegian or at least a Scandinavian, this is a nice feature for you. If you are a complete vegetable on photo editing and has just heard about Photoshop, this is an easy start with norwegian audio. If you are experienced, but not quite steady in Adobe programs or others, this is something you should consider.


I have never learned photo or photo editing in school or went to any courses. But I have read books and studied hundreds of hours in internet. Some courses I had to pay to watch, but mostly was free of charge, but in english. So here is something that looks great, it not to complicated and it all norwegian. Welcome to check it out at

If you don´t understand our "strange" language, you should try out one of my favorites that I have use a lot.


These are some hilarious unserious guys that are serious on only one thing, Adobe and photo equipment. If you are hungry, it´s episode nr. 335 that´s running this week, so there´s a lot to dig into.. Best experience for me is to register them on podcast, and get them automaticly downloaded in HD.


Well, I hope this helps you in your fun struggle to learn these important photo programs to make your photo look great, crisp and sharp! Looking for something on filming or other, write me note and I will send you some links!