Icefishing in Oslofjord with Hooked and Bekkis (Video)

Finally after more than one month waiting, the final result is here! Me, Martin Ellingsen (Jakt & Friluft AS, Asker), Bernt Nor ( and Cato Bekkevold (As the King of the Big Fishes Himself) went to the inner Oslofjord to fish seatrout on the ice. We headed out to Snarøya to a secret (not so secret anymore) spot, where Cato has caught many seatrouts in the past.


Even if we didn´t fill the ice sled with seatrouts, we had a fantastic day on the ice, and of course - with almost no silence - The King of the Big Fishes was there!


Actually this was my first day fishing with him, and he is crazy but a great fisherman that I respect a lot for his skills.


Enjoy the movie!


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