Good news seatrout fishermen!!

© Finn Omar Antonsen
© Finn Omar Antonsen

2013 has been a terrible seatrout season so far. Ice and freezing cold water has made it hard for the fishermen to get in contact with the queen of the norwegian fjords. Except from a few days and a few fishes, it has not been easy for us that want a few good seatrouts to start of the year.


But, today something made my day! I heard a rumor about a nice seatrout caught by my friend Finn Omar Antonsen. He lives close to me, and I had to call and confirm this "secret" rumor.


I am shure that Finn Omar had a big smile around his face when I called him. He sounded very happy and could even send me a photo of the catch.


The rumor is not longer a rumor, and the fish has not been bigger or smaller, but weighted 2500g and took a Propelled CDC Goby imitation on sinking line in a hot spot close to Grimstad. All this extravaganza happend on last saturday beetween 14.00 and 15.00. A "smaller" fish was also interrested in the fly and Finn Omar ended up with a nice double this day. 


I had to ask him when I had the chance, and I asked him if it was something that he had felt was specially good this year. He answered that he has caught 10 fishes in 2013, most of them on goby imitations, and around noon. A spesial trick that I also uses in hard conditions, has also worked for him; and that is to spray or dip the flies in Gulp liquid smell.


That is! If the rumor comes to you - then you know it´s true!


Thank you Finn Omar, and "Skitt fiske!"