Nightfishing with Øystein and Martin

© Øystein Paulsen
© Øystein Paulsen

This was a beautiful summernight in 2012. Maybe it was to beautiful, because the big summer seatrout we was out to get - did not show up!


My good friend and photograph; Øystein Paulsen joined us to take some photos. He was dropped on a small island, and from here he shot a lots of nice photos of be and Martin Ellingsen fishing from my boat.


I will just share a few of these photos, but I can assure you that you will see more of these photos in the future!


Øystein has worked with three of the most impressive local books I´ve seen apart from the Havfiske Håndboka by Asgeir Alsvestad, where I have worked on some of the text and done some photos. These three are Lobser (Hummer), Mackerel (Makrell)  and the last one that he signed and gave me is the South Land (Sørlandet). If you haven´t seen them and you love the sea and a good book - go and get them!

All photos are copyrighted © Øystein Paulsen