Angeldon fishing. (Video)

© Jakt & Friluft AS
© Jakt & Friluft AS

Fishing with Angeldon is a old technique on the ice. It´s extremely popular among pike fishermen, but other species like trout, seatrout, perch will loose against this smart way of fishing. The Angeldon not just one thing or brand, but it´s a way of signalisation of the bite, or a bite alarm if you want. This can be a visible alarm like the Pike Flag that I show here today, or it´s the more common "toy pistol" sound bite alarm version for the standard Angeldon or for use with normal rods.


The different is just how it´s rigged and how it´s released, the effekt is the same all over. This model caught my attention when Martin Ellingsen just pulled it out of his bag, a complete fishing machine, that´s really small but deadly effective.


If you just type in the word "Angeldon" on google, you will find plenty of videos on how to build your own, different models, how to use them and where to buy them. The one I show here, is sold in store around in Norway, but I got mine from Jakt & Friluft.


Watch Martin Ellingsen demonstrating the Pike Flag!