Free 100 pages book on DSLR Filming

For a long time I´ve been looking for something like this! A free but still complete book on DSLR filming. I have used it for a while, and it has really been what I was looking for. The book is from the site;  NoFilmSchool, who is runned by Ryan Koo. This is what he says about his award winning site and blog:


NoFilmSchool is a site for DIY filmmakers and independent creatives. The site focuses on tools and technology relevant to filmmakers, writers, directors, editors, producers, cinematographers, bloggers, designers, and entrepreneurs. If you’re a multi-hyphenate — meaning, you’re more than one of these things — all the better. If you’re interested in cinematography or cameras, the first thing you should do here is get your free copy of the 100+ page eBook.


Well there you have it; you should download this free eBook. There is no spam, but you sign up to get his news letters, and that´s all. Inside the book it´s a lot of links to small videos on almost each topic. You wouldn´t find that in a normal bookstore!


It´s first and foremost for those of you that want´s to learn more about filming with digital photo cameras like Canon or Nikon with movie features.


Good reading to you all!