VAK - "The best website/Blog" in Norway 2012

Vak is a norwegian based website and blog for flyfishermen. They started kind of quiet, and became very popular in a short time. The guys behind this site won the first Gullkroken Awards in history in 2012. They won the best site and blog, and that tells a lot.


In a time where paper magazines in Scandinavia are strugling to keep up with the internet, these guys are going the other way. They started with internet, and are now going to sell magazines. I'm really impressed what these young guys have done in a short time and I hope that I one day can say that I have sold photos or an article to this magazine. It's different times, and with different times comes different actions.


I will be recieving this magazine some days before the Grand Opening at the 1. March, and I really look forward to this day. I know that some big names are participating and I do believe that people in Norway looking for something "just" flyfishing for the moment.

Check out their popular web site: