Parka - Long jackets for cold fishermen

Parka for fishing
Parka for fishing

I have fished to much with waders and wading jackets in my life! Yes, this is a fact, and I do believe that I´m not the only one that have been in a boat all day, in waders that didn´t even get wet!


Yes waders are good allround "pants", and works in a lots of places. But, do you really want tear down your expencive waders when you don´t need to??

Well, you might be wondering now? What has this to do with this parka jacket? Well, because of me and others, always use waders and wading jackets for fishing, we also use our normal wader jackets when we are out in boats or fishing from ashore. And these jackets are short, and not warm at all. When I saw my friend Hogne from Fairpoint Outdoors in a olive and warm looking Parka I just had to get one!


Now I have been using it for a while in 8 to 14 minus degrees. (celsius) Because I forgot my mid layer jacket (Bergans Primaloft) I had to only use my underlayer with the jacket. I was afraid of freezing, but even after one whole day icefishing in Drammensfjord I was still worm!


Thinking of the fact that I have been freezing and stressed with my Simms G3 wading jacket and others for a long time, just makes me happy that I finally did it. I do now own a Parka. Thanks Hogne for introdusing me to this fantastic Move Mountain Canada Parka.


In general the meaning of Parka is discussed, but it is almost like an Anorak, but normally isolated with down or syntetic materials. It has always a hoodie that normally contains a fur. It´s always long and overlapping the pant - shirt section. 


It´s perfekt for cold weather fishing on ice, from boat or just walking from a shore. To make a heavy duty combo of your Parka and your pants, a bib (pants with long top) is likely the best way to go!


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