Johan Abelson - The Salmon Catcher

During the last couple of years, I´ve heard a lot about the man and the fisherman; Johan Abelson from Sweden. And yesterday, just at pure luck, I had the chance to met him and see and hear his seminar on salmon trolling and some around the world fishing.


I was completely amazed! This man was out fishing belugas, rainbowtrouts, king salmon and northern salmon all around the world before almost anyone that we know, had started to learn how to hook up with the local big fishes. I will now just shortly give you some hints on his fishing life; and in the next months to come, some interviews and outtakes from the seminar. The seminar was held at the Norwegian Trolling Association at Råholt Norway.

Johan started his fishing interrest when he was about 12 years old and caught his first fish. His family had yearly vacations in Gaula, where he caught his first salmon at 10kg at the age of 13. He returned every year and became a serious and experience salmon flyfisherman at a very young age. He also caught a lot of seatrouts at night fishing and was completely sold to the love of the fishing game.


It was also in Gaula that he started his professional career and started to work guiding ofter fishermen in the best parts of the river. He has even guided the legend; Lee Wulff several years and become his friend.


Then he started with trolling for seatrout and salmon. In the early 80´s, seatrout fishing from boat or from the shore in Stockholm was at highest peak, and they caught planty of 7-9kg seatrouts. These days are sadly over.


He started up Swedens and probably the first guide and travel agency in all Scandinavia. They did a great job and had customers from a lot of different countries. After a lot of years and after great success, they started fishing for Belugas in Kasakstan and had some crazy years of fishing for this extreme fish. (The biggest freshwater fish in the world)


When Kasakstan became a country of it´s own the Beluga dream was over, but he became testfisher to check out salmon fishing possebilities in Russia. This was long before Russia was put on the map at a salmon paradise.


After a lot of guided trips to Chile and Argentina and other places in the world, he started as a fishing guide for trolling salmon in Denmark and Sweden. He has become one ot the top names in Scandinavia when it comes to trolling and are close to, or possible already a living legend. (I don´t know who decide these things)


Now he continues his long and amazing fishing career on his boat, the 28,5 feet and Abels Salmon Catcher. His also runs the Trolling School together with three other famous guides two times each year. This has become a popular event along with his guiding, seminars article work.


If you like salmon fishing or travel fishing, you must check out his work!! Watch out for the movie clips in the future!