Berkley Nanofil in new colors! I just love it!!

I have to admit that Fireline has been used a lot on my fishing reels from 1997 and up to now. I like others brands like Sufix 832 and Spiderwire Stealth or Code Red and others like them. But for casting with normal spinning reels, and specially smaller sizes under the  4000 size, I prefer the coated versions like Fireline. But now there is a new king in town; Nanofil. This is the slickest I have ever tried, and I have loved it for about two years.


I love white lines, and from Spiderwire, Sufix and Fireline, I have always found a white one. When Nanofil only was available in white; I wanted others colores.. Guess it´s human instingt to always want whats not available!


But now it´s here! And I´m so happy. I went for the dark olive color and can´t wait to get out and try it!


Comes in Hi-Vis Chartreuse also