Flat fishing with Asgeir Alvestad

Asgeir with sand flounder
Asgeir with sand flounder

A few days ago a went fishing with one of Norway's most experienced deep sea fishermen; Asgeir Alvestad from Team Mustad and Pure Fishing. Asgeir has been a good friend of mine for years and a great support for my own career.


If it had not been so extremely cold this day, we would have been fishing for sea trout, but ice on most of the good spots, made us try out some flounder fishing instead.


We fished around Asgeirs hometown; Lillesand in the south of Norway. It was a beautiful day, and I learned a lot about winter fishing for flounders. Asgeir´s love for flounder fishing is easy to understand, and his custom tackle are just great!


When I have made the movie from the trip ready in Final Cut Pro Express (I´m just learning for the moment) I will post it here for you guys. For the moment here is some photos from the trip.