New camera in the bag

Canon 5D MK II
Canon 5D MK II

I have only owned two digital cameras in my life. 1Ds and the !D MK II. They have been travelling with me for 8 and 9 years. Now my ID MK II doesn´t work anymore and the ISO values and quality on the 9 Years old IDs are not longer god enought for modern low light photographing.

So when the need for HD DSLR filming came around, I desided to buy a new camera. And after a long time studying I went for the Canon EOS 5D MK II. The price i 50% lower than the 5D MK III. Of course this would have been the one, if money where no option, but still I can´t see that I get a 50% better camera when I use it so little for filming as now.

If I one day would start to work «for real» with filming - I might go for a MK III. For the moment I am thrilled with the quality and the superb size vs ID cameras. It so much more easy to travel with!

So for 12.999 NOK (About $2000) I baught this one at Foto Video Norway and a 16GB CF card.

Let´s see if the camera will make me a better fotographer.