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A room with a view

The plane landed at 23.00 in Bodø and I was going to Beiarn again. Finally. But, instead of driving around for a hotel in the midnight sun, I took the world's most beautiful drive over the Saltstraumen bridge and into the mountains. 


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Elias, my great companion

Occasionally, Elias and I can set up a tent, lie in sleeping bags or fish at the strangest places. Sometimes just to test equipment, and sometimes to take pictures. Today we were at Sørsvann in Arendal to take pictures of a sleeping bag I had tested. Last we were here, he was the one we took pictures of. Always fun with a traveling companion that creates so much fun and uncontrolled situations as Elias.

My first hunting video and article

On the legendary Hare Island, six local instructors with dogs, weapons and a lot of experience stood ready. my first hunting movie and article started at dønna.

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