Tommy Egra

Me at Los Roques
Me at Los Roques


I was born in Farsund, Norway 1978 and came out blue.. I do believe I can thank God that I survived. I moved to a small place called Tvedestrand four and a half years later. This place was surrounded by the sea and soon I became hooked on fishing! It looks like I was hooked up pretty good and can’t get away from it.


I fished almost everyday and developed very quickly and started to work with fishing at an age of 18. My first camera I bought in when I served in the army at 19. This was a silly APS camera, and the quality was horrible. As soon as I returned to the normal world I sold it and bought me an Canon EOS 5 camera, and from the first roll of film I shot with this camera and until today - I am equally trilled every time I’m going thru new and fresh photos. I love to study what the shutter has revealed to the digital sensors in my hands. Some results are good, some are horrible and some really amazes me and inspires me to keep working.


From 1999 I worked 4 years in “Jakt & Friluft AS” who is one of Norway’s biggest and most complete hunting, hiking and fishing equipment store. After this I ended up 3 years in the Norwegian company Elbe Normark AS (Rapala Norway) as their PR & Customer Trainer. Then, in 2006 I took 1 year off from my professional fishing career, and went to an bible and mission study in the LOBC (Livets Ord Bibel Center, eng: Word Of Life Bible Center) in Uppsala, Sweden. When I was in Sweden I started my own freelance company and started to sell articles and photos about fishing foremost, but I also work with wildlife and landscape photography as well as studio and wedding photos. I also started to sell photos on the web page of my old friend Yngve Ask,


Straight after school in Sweden I filled up my Pelican cases with my belongings (mostly cameras and fishy stuff) and moved to Ecuador. Here I married my wife Gloria on the 25. August 2007.


After one year living in Ecuador we went back to Norway and have lived here for four years now. I worked at Jakt & Friluft AS from 2008 until October 2013. After a time as a freelance photographer and writer, I do now work as the Marketing Manager at NQ Sport (NQ Active) in Oslo. I do have office in Arendal and in Oslo and I travel a lot. 


This is the first time my work doesn´t have anything to do with fishing. NQ Sport have sport and outdoor equipment and I work a lot with graphic design, photographing, websites and of course - marketing on all platforms. A side from NQ Sport I still writes articles, hold seminars and sell fishing photos. 


My first book project "Sjøørret" was released in October 2014, and this is the first time I´ve been together writing a book. For this book we also won a literature prize, the "Sørlandets litteraturpris" 


God bless you all - and for you fishermen out there -


            “Best wishes with the BIG fishes!!"